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The secret to buying small-caps, thinking probabilistically and much more | The Wealth Formula

There is never just one way to succeed in life. It’s just the same when it comes to markets. You could be a deep value investor focused on buying super cheap stocks; or someone who doesn’t mind paying a tad more because a company is growing super fast; or someone who may just believe in trying to get market timing right, however impossible that sounds to some people. Whoever you are, the one thing that is essential to success is to do something you are comfortable doing. In Moneycontrol’s new podcast 'The Wealth Formula',  N Mahalakshmi will be conversing with investors who follow different styles of investing, with the common thing being their exceptional performance. Tune in to the first episode with none other than the reclusive fund manager from India’s largest mutual fund – R Srinivasan. 

November 15, 2023 / 12:42 PM IST
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first published: Nov 15, 2023 12:42 pm

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