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Maximise your credit card rewards: Here's all you need to know to earn while you spend

Look for a credit card that not only amplifies your spending power but also offers you complimentary membership to renowned hotel and airline loyalty programmes.

October 19, 2023 / 12:05 PM IST
Credit card spends

Use your credit cards wisely to maximise rewards points on offer

Customers today are spoilt for choice, given the wide range of credit cards available. Be it reward points, benefits, or special offers, finding the ideal credit card is about transforming every swipe into a unique, personalised experience.

Customers today give priority to value-added programmes that make them feel special and complement their lifestyle and personality. Other attractions include complimentary access to top hotel and airline loyalty programmes and lounge access, faster point accumulation, and exciting reward categories, to name a few. Ultimately, the right credit card amplifies your choices into possibilities, making the entire rewards journey fulfilling.

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Selecting the right credit card 

Look for a credit card that not only amplifies your spending power but also offers you complimentary membership to renowned hotel and airline loyalty programmes. Think about the convenience of accessing multiple loyalty programmes through your credit card only.

Whether you're a frequent traveller or a dedicated hotel guest, the right credit card could unlock benefits in addition to its own rewards programme, making every rupee spent an opportunity to accumulate points, ensuring you earn while you spend. Simplify your life and amplify your rewards by making an intelligent choice.

Consolidate your spending 

Want your credit card reward points to accumulate faster? It’s simple – combine all your purchases onto one credit card, whether it's everyday spending like grocery shopping and dining or monthly bills, or significant or larger expenses such as booking flights or buying electronics.

By channelling all your transactions through a single card, you’d be stacking up rewards faster.

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Rewards with ‘No Expiry’ 

Your reward points can expire. So, it is important to opt for credit cards that come with a key feature: no expiry on your hard-earned reward points. Imagine the peace of mind of knowing that your points are there for you whenever you are ready to cash in.

Rewards that fit your lifestyle and aspirations

Consider this essential tip: The true value of a rewards programme lies in its ability to adapt to your evolving lifestyle. Look for credit cards that don't just offer points but present you with a range of redemption options that match your preferences, giving you the flexibility and freedom to redeem your points.

Picture this: You are on the go, and your points are right there with you. From e-gift vouchers that satisfy your shopping cravings to seamless online or in-store transactions, the possibilities are endless.

But that's not all. Your rewards can give you access to unforgettable experiences. Think about booking flights, hotels, cruises, or vacation packages – all through your points. You can even put your rewards to work by settling any outstanding card balances. It's like having your own currency that rewards you. Additionally, do not forget the flexibility of transferring points.

A truly exceptional credit card gives you the ability to transfer your points to major hotel or airline programmes. Choose a credit card that empowers you with redemption choices as diverse as your dreams. For instance, if your business travel and stays are in the Marriott group of hotels where you earn Bonvoy points, then choosing a partner that has a transfer points option to Marriott Bonvoy will help you maximise the value of your points.

Amplify your rewards

Don’t miss out on time-to-time offers to supercharge your reward points. Also, make sure to enrol in multiplier programmes to make your spending work smarter for you. These could include a joining bonus or a milestone onus linked to your annual spending.

Hidden redemption fees

When it comes to redeeming your well-earned rewards, there’s one more factor to consider – redemption fees. Some credit cards might charge a fee for redemption. Ensure that you double-check that you are not being charged for accessing the rewards you earned.

Lastly, a key point: while we all love to earn rewards, sometimes we miss keeping track of the used, accrued, or remaining e-vouchers or bonus points. This is also very important to make the most of your rewards programme.

But there is no need to worry now, as there are options available that help you keep track of the e-vouchers you have redeemed for your reward points and provide you with an upfront, consolidated view of all the bonus or accelerated points earned during the year.

Bani Saluja is VP Marketing, American Express Banking Corp., India
first published: Oct 18, 2023 07:13 am

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