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  • News - invest ,Mutual Funds

    This wealth manager says even risk-takers must invest in debt funds. Here’s why

    "Currently, we feel interest rates have topped out and that medium- and long-duration debt funds will do well for the next few months," says Kirtan Shah, MD - Private Wealth, Credence Family Office. According to him, these are the most appropriate debt options for non-retail investors, provided they understand the interest rate cycles.

  • News - Bonds ,invest

    How to get the best from your fixed-income investments

    Debt instruments are crucial in financial markets. They offer stable and reliable income, facilitate capital-raising, contribute to economic growth and diversify investment portfolios

  • News - NPS) ,financial planning

    NPS’ new systematic lump-sum withdrawal rules: Should you opt for it?

    Go for systematic withdrawal if you are looking for regular income with higher returns that come with staying invested in equities. But if you wish to move your corpus to fixed income instruments, choose lump-sum withdrawal, say financial advisors.